Raleigh Granite offers a series of natural and engineered stone products that give your kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity that unique look that identifies your exclusive taste. We also want to provide you with plenty of ideas for your new kitchen countertops so please visit our granite countertops specials.

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We have over 2,000 granite slabs with over 150 different colors in our warehouse. We invite you to come out and explore your taste by looking at the variety of granite, marble and engineered stone slabs in our showroom. You do not need an appointment but call us to get directions to our showroom at 866-236-0968

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Custom Laminated Granite Countertop Edges

We have the experience and state of the art technology to create custom laminated edges for your special projects. We can provide precision overlaying of certain edges to give your counter tops that deep elegant look. Below you are looking at a Double Ogee over a Half Bullnose edge for a beautiful Marble island that we made which is now a display in our showroom.

We also have vast experience with front edge aprons especially for vanity tops that have no cabinet underneath. These types of front apron vanities usually have an offset of about an 1/8 of an inch, and although they are mainly used in commercial buildings, they can provide a unique and elegant look to any powder room in your home.

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